When are Heat Pump Water Heaters the Best Solution?
What do we know about actual performance compared to promised performance? What is the best way to manage the space conditioning impacts on a home? Is there an easy decision tree for deciding if this is the best solution for a particular home (Climate? Utility prices? Accessibility? Physical space constraints? Workforce?)?

  • Energy Savings and Breakeven Cost for Residential Heat Pump Water Heaters in the United States
  • Heat Pump Water Heater Performance in Lab House
  • Monitoring in HPWHs in Multifamily Applications

    Evaluating Performance and Product Readiness of Heat Pump Water Heaters
    This Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) newsletter section discusses NEEA's market test of HPHWs. The testing evaluated real-world performance of the technology and models and helped to improve any issues. In addition to the article, further information about NEEAs Heat Pump Water Heater Initiative can be found here.

    Heat-Pump Water Heaters Come of Age
    Written by Green Building Advisor advisor Martin Halladay, this comprehensive article discusses what a heat pump water heater is, how it works, its efficiency and potential savings over electric-resistance water heaters, correct placement, and more.

    Measure Guideline: Heat Pump Water Heaters in New and Existing Homes
    This Building America Measure Guideline, created by Building America team CARB, explores what these systems are, how they work, and how they should be implemented.

    Heat Pump Water Heater Laboratory Testing Results
    This document reviews a laboratory evaluation of the performance of HPWHs, the impacts of where they are installed, and the estimated energy savings of the equipment.

    BA Technical Highlight: NREL Tests Integrated Heat Pump Water Heaters
    The Building America Technical Highlight reviews the findings, including performance maps, from testing conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

    Heat Pump Water Heater Durability Testing - Phase II
    The testing described in this document was designed to simulate 7-10 years of HPWH normal use and determine if the performance degraded over time.

    Laboratory Performance of Residential Integrated Heat Pump Water Heaters
    This report presents a laboratory evaluation of five HPWHs to describe how they function, test their operation, and set expectations.

    Heat Pump Water Heaters - Part 2
    Another comprehensive article, this one by Dave Yates, that discusses energy savings, peak usage and recovery rate calculations, and how HPWHs heat water.

    HP water heaters: where the rubber meets the road
    This helpful article by Dave Yates discusses and offers guidance for one of the biggest issues for using HPHWs: finding the correct placement.

    Smart Water Heat
    This site is dedicated to offering education and information about heat pump water heaters to contractors, utilities, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.

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