Does your dog bite?

Do you fancy yourself a pro at spotting gaps in the building envelope? Are you the Sherlock Holmes of homes or the Inspector Clouseau of construction? Find out by playing FineHomeBuilding.com's Inspector Game.

The Inspector Game is an online game (free with no download required) that challenges the user to spot code and safety violations, missing structural elements, and other common jobsite blunders. Based on a recommendation from the BARA team, NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) has recently developed a partnership with Taunton Press and FineHomeBuilding.com to develop a whole series of home building riddles with content provided by Building America.

You can find the Inspector Game in the rotating feature box on the Building America home page and also on the main page of the Fine Homebuilding website.

But frail egos beware, the game may reveal a couple easy answers, but only a keen eye can find the rest without succumbing to the "Hint" button!


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