About Us

Mission: The BARA combines technical expertise and real-world experience with communications and outreach expertise to bridge the gap between residential energy technology research and the construction market.

The BARA team's strength is derived from its highly qualified, multidisciplinary members: Building Media, Inc. (BMI), the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Steve Easley and Associates (SEA), and Confluence Communications (CC). BMI serves as the team lead.

Building Media, Inc. (BMI)
Founded in 2002 by construction-industry educators and practitioners, BMI creates, produces, and markets Web-based educational programs and high-performance building demonstration projects for the construction, energy code, weatherization, green building, and architectural markets. In 2010, BMI became part of the Department of Energy's Building America program. A member of the Building America Research Alliance, BMI expanded its work to include communications and research as well as training and event planning for the program. More information is available at www.buildingmedia.com.
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Center for Building Knowledge
The Center for Building Knowledge (formerly the Center for Architecture and Building Science Research) is a 15-person, nationally focused, multidisciplinary research and technical assistance institution affiliated with the School of Architecture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Established in 1989, the Center's mission is to create new knowledge that will help individuals and communities make better-informed decisions concerning the built environment. More information is available at www.centerforbuildingknowledge.org.
Steve Easley and Associates
For more than 30 years, Steve Easley and Associates (SEA) has operated as a construction consulting firm specializing in solving building-science problems and educating building professionals. The company focuses on increasing quality of construction and improving sustainability while reducing costly mistakes that lead to construction defects. More information is available at www.buildingmedia.com/steve.html.
Confluence Communications
Confluence Communications (CC) provides outreach program development and communications support services to a variety of government, private and nonprofit programs. Our core focus is on the energy and environmental construction industry. More information is available at www.confluencec.com.
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